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Mu'. 3. 1925. t. L. o. WET'HERELL DISPLAY 'DEVICE l l Filed bec. 19', 1922 Patented Mar. 3, 1925. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. DAUGHADAY COMPANY, OF CHARTLEY., MASSACHUSETTS, A CORPORATION 0F MASSACHUSETTS. DISPLAY DEVICE. Application led December 19, 1922. Serial No. 607,861. To all 'whom it may cro/noem.' ELL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Attleboro, in the county of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and-useful Improvements in Display Devices, of which the following is a specification. This invent1on relates to display devices of the class adapted for use in displaying articles of jewelry such as culf buttons and the like, and the object of this invention is to provide a display device of this character in which individual cards or holders `on which articlesof jewelry are mounted, are adapted to be removably held. A further object of this invention is the provision of a holder card having its sides bent down to form resilient wings, the same being adapted to be held in a receptacle having bearing walls whereby the inherent spring of the stock of the holder causes its side walls to expand and grip` the sides of the receptacle to frictionallyV retain the holder in -operating position therein. A still further object of the invention 1s the provision of such a display device having a front plate which is provided with openings with inturned resilient edge portions, `which portions are adapted to receive a receptacle in which the holder member is first mounted and to frictionally retain this box or receptacle therein. With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, as will be Vmore fully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims. Y In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a front view of one form of my improved display device showing the Vfront plate thereof as provided with afplurality of openings and in some of which openings the articles to be displayed are A mounted while from the lotheropenings the articles and their mounts are removed to lustrate the marginal gripping flanges or aps. t Figure 2 is aY perspective view illustrating the tray member of the display device having a front cover plate provided with a holderrwith a box therein, another showing the box Without a holder and a third opening showing the flaps alone with the box and holder removed. Figure 3 is a sectional edge view showing a pair of cuff buttons mounted on a holder, the holder mounted in a box and the box mounted in an opening in the front plate and retained therein by the edge gripping wing portions. Figure 4 is a perspective view showing one of the cards or holder members removed. Figure 5 is a sectional end view showing the holder member with a cuff button mounted thereon. Figure 6 is a perspective view of one of the boxes or receptacles in which a holder member carrying a pair of cuff buttons is mounted. Figure 7 is a perspective `view illustrating another form of display device provided with channel openings for the reception of my improved holder members which may be retained vtherein by the frictional gripping surface of its side walls. It is found in practice of advantage in some instances, in the mounting of jewelry such as cuff buttons and the like, for Vdisplay, to mount a pair of buttons on a card such as that illustrated in Figure, the same having rearwardly bent or turned side edges arranged to retain their inherent spring or opening tension, and to provide a receptacle for such a holder in which the holder is held by friction of its side wings or walls. It is also foundof advantage to provide a display card having a tray-shaped back plate with a front cover plate provided with spaced-apart openings for the reception and display of a plurality .of cuff buttons and so formed that the holder members for the buttons may be readily positioned in the openings lin the display device and retained therein by friction to be readily removed as desired, and the following is a detailed description of one means by which these results may be accomplished: y With referenceto the drawings, 10 designates a back plate for my improved display device which is preferably in the form of a tray having side walls 1l 4and end walls 12, to the outturned edges of which is secured a front cover plate 14. This front plate is preferably provided with a plurality. of spaced apart openings 1 5, each opening beharecaused to grip, bind and frictionally re- Itain .any article inserted to fit closely therevinV to be engaged 'by them. lnorder to provide .a simple and effective holder or carrier member on which to mount or attach a pair of separable cuff but-tons or other article, I have formed a card 18 which .may be formed of any suitable material but which is .preferably formed of cardboard as illustrated in Figure 4, having its side edges 19 bent rearwardly from the plane of its face forming the saine into substantially Uesfhape in cross section. These wings or .sides are :preferably creased but not scored at the line on which they are folded, whereby Athey retain .the inherent spring of the stock .causing them to spring outwardly orV .away from each other. The outer .face of .this holder `member is `preferably providedwith a pair of openings QOthrough which cuff buttons 2l are mountied, andthe depth of .the wings or sides is v.substantially that of the 'length of one-half ofthe button. It is :also found .of advantage to provide a `small box ,22 Vas best vshown "in 'Figure'. .6, of a-length and depth substantially that of the '.holder, whereby these side wings 1'9 of the holder may be pressed inwardly towards each other to .enter theboX and when positionedzin `the'box they willspring outwardly and grip ,the side walls thereof .to be Vfrictionally .retained therein. It is .also found of advantage -to mount the'boxes Vcontaining the .cuff buttons, in the openingsl in the frontbplate ofthe display idevice, whereby .the marginalvedge flaps of the'opening into which it is set will serve to frictionallygrip and .retain the boXthere- Jin; by which construction the box kmay. be .readily .removed Vfrom .the .opening in `the .front plate carrying .the cuff buttons therein and the holder with the buttons may be .readily removed from thebox whendesi'red andinay'bef readily replaced in the boX Awhen lsold and delivered. Insoine instancesinstead of "forming the Hfront plate `with la plurality of openings therein, `an elongated groovesuch as that shown yat 23 in .the modified construction jinQFigure 7ma-y`be employedin which the ,lillleS llllalyl be mounted. directly in and frictionally retained by the inherent spring of their side walls or wings thereby gripping the side walls of the groove. 7 My improved display device is very handsome and attractive in appearance and when the boxes and s the 'holders aren positioned therein their faces arefiiush with y.the plane of the front plate, and by the `use oif this de- `vice'v vthe goods may bemounted in their holders and the holders retained by friction in display position to bel readily removed for inspection or Afor sale when desired. The foregoin description is directed 4solely towards t ie construction illustrated, "but Ifdesire it 'to be understood that I -reserve the privilege of resorting to all thev` mechanical changes to which the device is'v susceptible, theinventionbei-ng defined and limited only by the terms ofthe appended claims. 1I claim: i vl. A display device for removably mounti .ing a multiplicityof articles of jewelry, comprising a receptacle, a front plate for said receptacle having a series of openings with folded-down sidey bearing walls of a sub- Vstantial depth, 1a plurality of article car! riers each adapted to have its article attached thereto, said'hcarriers being substantially lU-shape in cross section and having resilient side wallsof a Adepth,substantially that of said receptacle, the' 'front face .oi each carrier lying in substantially the'same Lplane as that ofsaid fro-nt plate, the walls :of said carrier and openingspringing relatively -toward Yeach other to grip and` frictionally retain the carrier Awith the article attached 'thereto in 'said plate. l Q.fIn a :display device, a plate provided with aplurality o'f openings, a box-shaped Yreceptacle'in each opening, an yarticle holder in each receptacle formed substantially 'UV-l shaperin crosssection, the side walls of said 'holder'gripping the wallsof th'e'box by the vinherent spring of its stock tojfrictionally retain the lholder therein.l B. i In a'displaydevicma plurality of boxshaped receptacles, articlefholders formed substantially `Ushape in cross section, `the side walls of said holdersbeing adapted to enter and gripthewalls4 of theiboXesby the inherentspringfof the stock to frictionally lretainltheholder therein, and the front plate Yof said displaydevice'being provided with a plurality of Vopeningsfor the reception of said'bOXeS, and each opening having means forrretainiiig onevof said lboxes therein. .47.111 a display device having a front plate, a box shaped receptacle, an article holder therein formed substantially U-shape in cross sect-ion the side walls of said holder havingran; inherently outward spring to `grip' ythe .walls ofthe receptacle.toifrietionally. re- tain "the holder therein, said ,front plate being provided withv openings having resilient edge members for gripping the sides of the box and frictionally retaining it therein. 5. A display device comprising a trayshaped back plate7 a front cover plate for 5 the tray, said front plate having openings with inturned resilient edge walls, a boX- therein. shaped receptacle inserted into each of said In testimon whereof I affix in signature. openings in said front plate to be frictionally L 4 SLIE O. WET ERELL. retained therein by the grip of its edge Walls, and an article holder `formed substantially 10 U-shape in cross section With outwardly springing side Walls inserted into said box to grip its Walls to be frictionally retained



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