Pipe holding and turning means



Feb. 24, 1925. 1,527,866 R. RL HALL PIPE HOLDING AND TURNING MENS Filed July s1 1922 l 2H lll/1,. .TMve/vra. FAU-ff P. #ALL Patented F eb. 24, 1925. UNITED STATES PATENT oFjFlcE. RALPH R. HALL, OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, ASSIGNOR TO SAID HALL, CHESTER A. RASMUSSEN, AND WM. A. TROUT, ALL OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA.- PIPE HOLDING AND TURNING MEANS. l Application led July 31, 1922. Serial No. 578,835. To all whom t may concer/rw Be it known that I, RALPH R. HALL, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city of Long Beach, county of Los Angeles, and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Im rovements in Pipe Holding and Turning eans, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to means for receiving, holding and turning pipe and tubing o-f different sizes while it is being worked on. The work may be to slightly countersink the insides of the ends of the pipe, to thread the outside of the ends, or to cut the pipe. The principal object of my invention is to provide a machine or device which will so grip and hold a length of pipe and turn the same that the ends of the pipe will be accessible for such treatment as it may be desired to give it. Another object of my invention is to provide in such a device means for centering the pipe so that it will turn true, said means being adapted to grip and turn the pipe placed thereon. V In order to 4fully eXplan my invention, I have shown it in a practical embodiment on the accompanying sheet of drawings, which I will now describe. Figure 1 isa longitudinal sectional view through the tail stock means for receiving one end of the pipe; Figure 2 is a right hand end view of Fig. 1, with structure complete; 35 Figure 3 is a cross, vertical sectionaly view taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 4; and Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view through the head stock means for receiving, holding and turning a pipe section. Referring in detail to` the drawings, 1, designates the tail stock of a lathe, or similar machine for handling pipe sections, and 2 the head stock thereof, the turning power being applied through the head stock in the usual manner. j In developing my invention, I provide pipe holding means for the head stock and for the tail stock which are similar in many respects, but which differ in some important details. Referring first toV Figs. 4 andB, I will describe the head stock means for receiving,"- holding and turning a pipe section. The body comprises the internally threaded portion 8, the nut portion, 4, the threaded portion, 5, the conical portion, 6,'tl1e uniformly round portion, 7, and the nut,V 8, a washer, l 9, being interposed between the nut 8 and the portion 7, as shown. Mounted on the body is an outer conical member 10, internally threaded at its large end to turn on the threaded portion 5 of the body, as shown, l the interior of said conical member 10 being enlarged, as at 10a and 10b to move over the conical portion 6, and the washer 9, as clearly shown in the sectional view, Fig. 4. Mounted in said conicalymember 10 are four Y radially disposed grippingjaws 11,11, with their inner ends bearing on the conical portio-n 6 and their outer ends provided with teeth, 11a and adapted to grip the inside of a pipe P, placed thereover, as shown in Figs. l 3 and 4. Seated in said conical member 10, are spring-pressed plunger elements 12, having pins7 13, workingthrough slots, 14, and engaging with said jaws 11, for the purpose vof normally holding said jaws in place and at the same time allowing them to be forced outwardly by the conical portion 6, when said body is turned into said outer conical member 10. Said outer conical membeil 10, is also provided with holesor sockets, 10C to receive a tool for holding the same, or for turning the same relative to the threaded portion 5, as will be readily understood from the drawings. Referring now to Figs. 1 and 2, the tail stock device comprises a body with a shank 20, to lit into the tail stock, a nut portion 21, and a shaft 22, with nut 23 and washer 24. Mounted on the shaft portion 22, is a sleeve member, 25, having a conical externa-l portion, 25a. ,Mounted on said sleeve 2.5, is an outer conical member 26, provided with radially disposed jaws, 27, mounted therein and yieldingly held in place by means of spring-pressed pins, 28, working in slots 29, cut in the body of the member 26, as clearly indicated. Said jaws 27 are also provided on their outer ends with teeth, 27a disposed 100 circumferentially of the conical member 26, whereby to grip the inside of a pipe section placed thereon and hold it against longitudinal movement over the tools. The inner ends of said jaws bear lon the conical surface of the sleeve 25, as shown, whereby as said tail stock is moved toward the pipe, the move ment ot the'conical sleeve 25 `Will-operate to force thejaws 27 outwardly iiitothe-pipe, shoivn in place in light dotted lines. VThe conical member 26 is providediat-itsrear-or vtheretore,`=lin`iitj"the invention to the showing larger end with an annular channel, 2 6, wheieby a tool, as at T, can be' inserted therein, against the end of the pipe, P, for the purpose of preventing the conical yineniiber 26, from being pushedtoo far into' thefe'nd of the` pipe as the tail stoclr is movedl upinto v.place to hold the'pipe, Which movement also forces lthe shaft portion 22 and `sleeve25 into the conical member 26, being held'by i said tool. Thus the jaws 27 arel forced 'ut- Wardly into holding position'as the tails'to'ck is moved up into -placeand made secure. rlhe pipe is handlejdby Vswinging cranes or other lifting means andas fswung'into Vplace over' the machine, one;end 1is i'eadily j guided o-ver the head stock Aand conical inember l0, and the other end is yguided over the conical member 26, of the tail stock ,i or `in position so that as said tailstoclr is moved vup to it, said conical member 26 enters the end oi the pipe, theA conicalshape"of-'said membeismaking it much easier to put' the pipe in place. It Will be seen as the parts are securedin place, the' grippingjaws are inwardly from the ends oit the pipe, leaving the ends or the pipe free to bel Worked on, either on their inner or outer sides, -asfniay be desired. Any suitable lathe toolcaii be used thereon as the pipe `is rthuslheld'and turned, and thepipe can be quickly hai-idled, secured in place and again removed. s the jaws are moved out into engagement vvith the Plpea they operate lto center the pipe and yto siii@ accurately centered, for vit oitenhappens that a pipe is thicker on one side than on another. Another advantage is that'theentire outside surface of the pipe isigtree tobe Worked on. Referring to Fig. l, I have provided a stop pin, 30, set in tliefi'ear end of the member 26, with a lateral f, pin 3l projecting purpose of holding the head 26 from being accidentally moved should the pipestr'ike the conical part oit, that. is, when the pipe "is being placed ovei' the stock and'befiiore it is in place for the jaws to be moved outmade, except as may be limited by the heretov appended* claims. Iclaim: j in ,a device fof the'icharacter shown and described,` an inner :member 'ha-ving `two 4cylindific'alfportionsffoii [different sizes with a conical Aportion therebetween, fan outer i member acylindrical portion 'and -a conical portion andf 'ad'apte'di-to lit over said inner "member, radial'h'olding javvs through thek cylindrical. portion otsaid 'outer' member, withY their ,inner ends engaging" the conical p irtion of theinner meni'ber, whereby when said outer Iandinner members `aief`finov`ed relative to. each other as aid holding 'jaws are operated, the conical ,portion ot-fsaid-'ou'ter memberv moving over the outer" and smaller v cylindrical .portion-ofthe inner member, lsubstantially zas. described. f 2. lIn a dev-ice orP theL character referred to, an inner member lhavingfa cylindrical threaded portion, a conical poitionand' a. ysmaller cylindrical portion, anouteimeinber having ya cylindrical. 'portion' rthreaded `over the threaded cylindrical portion of "said inner member `and havingi aconical" vj oortin over the smaller cylindiicalportion'ot'said f inner member, radial .holdingj a'ws throi'igh the cylindricalafportion of said. outeiFnie'mbei `With theirinner ends bearing onthe conical portion'of said innerimember, Ywhereby` v'vlien said fouteraiid kinner membfe'rsare turned t lrelative to each Vother and lmovedfby said it and hold it firmly. It ,Willbe' noted that the pipe is thus centered from the in- V'side and not from thefoutside and more threads longitudinally of i each. other' A said holdingjaws Vare A moved radially in said' outer member. d3. Ina pipe holdingy a turninglmechanism, an inner supporting member having alarger andl a smaller cylindrical portion .vv-ith a outer end of said mechanism, A"whereby to Umore easily be inserted intotheend ci a radial holding jaws through the outer member With their inner ends bearing on the conical portionof said inner member and .operable therebyWhen saidoiitferA and'iiiner membersare nio-vedy relatively, the inside'oic rire7 the conical portion'ot'sa'id outer/member having a sliding fit over the smaller' cylindreal portion of said inner member and being internally enlarged to move over the conical part of said inner member, to permit movement relatively of seid outer member over said inner member, and means for supporting and turning said inner members, substantially as described. Signed at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, this 26th day of July, RALPH R. HALL. Witnesses: W. R. LITZENBERG, ARTHUR J. HUGHES.



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