Double-head drinking fountain



Feb.' '3. 1925 525/5625 P. MUELLER ET AL DOUBLE HEAD DRLNKZNG FOUNTAIN ile 00V 1919 2 Sheets-Shewt %vwrnmmna, Feb. 3525. 1,525,425 r'-& MUELLER ET AL. muggy. s y-i; Imwnw Fmm'mlh' L; 3 Oct. 25 191% 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Feb. 3 1925. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. 11114 MUELLER, AND ANTON C. SCHUERMANN, OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS, ASSIGNORS TO ADOLPH MUELLER, TRUSTEE, F DECATUR, ILLINOIS. DOUBLE-HEAD DRINKING FOUNTAIN. Application filed October 29, 1919. Serial No. 334,168. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that we, PHILIP ll'IUnLLEn and ANTON C. SCHUEKMANN, citizens of the United States, residing at Decatur, in the county of Macon and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Double-Head Drinking Fountains, of which the following is a specification. The present invention relates to sanitary drinking fountains of the pedestal type, and has for its object to provide a fountain of this character in which provision is made for a plurality of drinking: streams or hubbles; with an independent supply and independent supply controlling means for each bubble; and a waste pipe common to all of said drinking heads or bubbles. Furthermore, it has for its object to so dispose various parts as to give a compact, simple and easily assenlhled stem-tore, provision. being made for ready access to and repair of the parts without the iii cessity of taking down the entire structure, In the drawings herewith is illustrated one embodiment of the invention, and in said drawings Figure. l is u sect onal view of a fountain made in accordance \i ith llnf i A'cr 'isn. l iguue an cnlai ed vertical scciion of the basin and the sunplv and "caste pipe collimation Figure 25 is a plan \"lQW ol' the base plate of the fountain with the supply valves and their operating parts, supply pipes, and waste pipes in section; the pedestal being shown in section and in position on the base plate; the bowl and huhbler hcads being in dotted lines, Figure lis plan view on Figure l lili'illlllgj mew 1 Referring to the draw lilte numbers indicating liu? parts in several views, 14) denotes a base plate which is substantially cru iform and has the urn 1 ll through the er of i 5 scamvs pass to ure the contain to the floor or foundation The arms 13 are provided with screws 12 similar to those just mentioned. and the arms 13 have, furthermore, the pedestah locating pins 14 designed to engage suitable locating apertures in the base of the pedestal, as shown in Figure 1 he hose plate has a centrally disposed aperture-d boss 1 line which receives the end of the waste pipe section 16, the said waste pipe section being secured therein in any suitable manner, as by the mrews 17 and projecting below the base-plate, where it is connected in any-suitable manner with a waste or sewer pipe (not shown). Arranged adjacent the central boss are two supply pipe bosses 18 through which the supply pipe nipples 19 pass, these nipples being secured in any suitable manner as by the screws 20, and extending below the base plate for connection with any suitable supply. To each of the supply pipe sections 19 are secured supply valves 21, and said su ply valves may be of any suitable type, t e type shown having a spring inlet valve, the stem 22 of which is provided with forkengaging sleeve to connect with the forked end. of a pedal lever 23, which is pivoted at 2 1 to a projection on the cock body, and the operating arm or foot piece 25 of which extends outwardly through a slot 26 in the pedestal base and into the pedal crescent or housing 27 with which the pedestal is pro vided the lever 23 preferably moving in guide lugs formed on the base plate 10. With this arrangement, it will be observed that upon depression of a pedal lever 23, a valve stem and spring valve will, through the fork and sleeve connection shown, be actuated to open the valve and permit water to flow from the lower supply section 19 through a valve to the upper supply pipe section 29. Preferably, a stop and regulator 8 of any suitable type will be pm- :ueansof which the flow through iy valve n'iay be controlled, and, if nay he completely cut oil. ' r so 113. pipe sections 29 rise within 1 from the supply valves and adwaste pipe, to a point near the top ,1 Metal, where they are provided each ,:a1i i1llnu:l nipple 31, which nipple thereto in a proper manner, as joint, a flexible pipe section 32, shown in .i 2, which flexible pi e sec tion may be of lead if desired, The exible pipe sections 32, when the pipe is set up and the pedestal. is placed in position, may be conveniently bent or flexed to brin their ends to the wall of the pedestal, their ends being pro ided with suitable connecting nippies, as the hell-mouthed nipples 33, which ill) ' two supply pipe nipples with their sup 1y valve will be installed, after which the p es "which cap nut is threa ed on or otherwise nipples 33, through openings 34 in the wall the bowl, so that by simply removing the of the pedestal, may be coupled to the tail screws 48 and uncoupling the elbow connecpieces 35 of the bubbler elbows 36, which tion the basin or bowl may be lifted from connect with the lower ends of the bubbler the pedestal. By releasing the clamping nipples 37, which extend upwardly through plate 39 and swinging it clear of the lugs 42, the basin and are provided with any suitable the pedestal may then be lifted clear and acbubbler heads 38, the bubbler heads, as cess had to the fittings within the pedestal. shown in Figs. 2 and 3, being located on op- In order that the valves 21 may be attendposite sides of the bowl near the ends ed to for regulation and repair, without the thereof. necessity of takin down the fountain, it It will be seen that with this arrangement will be seen that, rst they are located, as a close assemblage of the waste pipe, supply best shown in Figs. 1 and 3, in close relapipes, and valves is provided within the ti on to each other at one side of the waste pedestal, and that such waste and supply pipe in the generally V-shaped arrangement pipes may be rigidly secured to the base shown, and that, second, the pedestal 1s roplate; and, by means of the flexible connecvided with a handhole 50 at a. point w ich tions from the supply pipes to the tail ieces gives ready access to the valves when the 0f the bubbler heads, the fittings may lie set handhole cover 51 is removed. up and the entire apparatus installed with- Such changes as are within the range of out the necessity of manipulating any nuts mechanical sklll may, of course, be made or threaded connections within the estal. without departin from the s irit of the in- In assembling, the base-plate wil be set ventlon, and we 0 not, there ore, limit ourin proper position to meet the roughed-in selves to the structural details herein diswaste and supply pipes, the waste pipe and "closed. ' We claim 1. The combination in a drinking fountal will be dropped over the assembled fittain of a pedestal, a basin on the Pedestal, tings and located in proper position by a waste me for receiving waste mm the means of the pedestal-locatin pins. basin an arranged within the pedestal, a j The pedestal will then secured or plurallt of supply pipes within the pedesclamped to the base by means of a clamping tal, a p urality of bubbler heads supported plate 39 (see Figs. 1, 2, and 4) whieh plate by the basin and each havin a substantially has a sliding fit over the waste pipe 16, and horizontal tail piece beneat the bottom of the arms of which rest upon lugs 40 formed the basin and extendin into the pedestal, on the inner wall of the pedestal, (see Figs. and tubular members oi? ductile metal con- 1 and 4). Said clamping plate 39 and the necting the ends of said bubbler head tail. pedestal are forced downwardly by screws pieces with the supply pipes within the 41 mounted in the flan e of acap nut 42, pedestal. 2. The combination-in a drinking founysuitably secured to the top of the waste pipe tain of a pedestal, a. waste pipe extending 10a p16 and has an inner annular gasket 43 to vertically within the pedestaha basin on 'iorm a packing between it and the bowl the edestal having a waste outlet connected waste pipe. Prior L0 aflixing the bowl to to t e u per end of the waste ipe, a pluthe edestal, the flexible pipe sections 32 rality 0 supply pipes within t e pedestal, Will e bent to the position indicated so as a plurality of bubbler heads each connected no to bring the nipples 33 in proper relation to to a conduit that has one member extending the openings 34 in the wall of the pedestal through the bottom of the basin and anand the tail pieces 35 of the bubbler heads other extending beneath the basin toward may be secured to the bell-mouthed nipples the waste outlet, and il :xible pipes connect- The bowl 44 may be then dropped into ing the last said members with the supply place, with its bowl-waste pipe 45, which is pipes within the pedestal. tapered for a sliding entrance, projecting The combination, in a drinkiu founinto the top of the waste pipe and properly tam, of a base, av pedestal on said base, a sealed by the gasket 43 in the cap nut 42, single basin on said pedestal, a rigidly held this bowl waste pipe being secured to the waste-pipe traversing said pedestal to ro- 12 under side of the bowl 'pipe by screws 46, ceive waste from said basin, ri idly held which serve also to fasten the strainer 47 in supply-pipes aversing said pe estal and place. The tail-pieces 35 will then be con extending tp? point near the top thereof, pled by any suitable coupling means to the separate bu er heads in said basin having elbcws 36 of the bubbler heads. supply connections extendin through the The bowl 44 rests upon the top of the bottom thereof outside of sai pedestal, and pedestal, as shown in Fig. 1, and may be connections from said rigid supply ipes to secured thereto by screws 48 which pass said bubbler heads passing througli 0 enthrough lugs 49 on the pedestal and engage ings in the walls of said pedestal, and avin suitable lugs or projections on the rim of ing flexible sections to facilitate assembling. I 4. The combination, in a drinking ountain, of a base, a pedestal mounted on said base, a single basin on said pedestal, a wastepipe traversing said pedestal to recei e waste from said basin, rigid supply pipes travelsing said pedestal and extending to a point near the top thereof. sepa ate bubbier heads in said basin having supply connections extending through the bottom thereof outside of said pedestal. elbow eonnei-tions for said hubhler heads beneath said basin, and flexible runner-Hons between said elbow eonneo tions and said supply pipes. I. The combination, in a drinking fountain, of a base a iiedestal mounted on said base, a single basin on said edestai, a rigid wastepipe traversing; said pedestal to receive waste from said basin. rigid supply pipes traversing said pedestal to a point near the top theref, flexible seetions 'eeurecl to the upper ends of said rigid suppiy pipes. separate bubbler heads in raid basin. on. ;ide of said pedestal, bubbler elbows beneath said basin, and tail-pieces savored to said flexible sections and detaehably coupled to said elbows. (i. The combination, in a. drinking; form lain. oi a pedestal, a pluiaiity of supply pipes spaced from one another in pedes- (Hi, a plurality of supply valves for said. pipes the ends of u'hirh ronver-{Jje In. bring them in close piovimiiiy t ne auoihe: ,aud a. lau'llmle in the waii of aid pedestai opposite the converging: iE'M'iF oi said sup dy valves. 7. The eonibinzition. in a thinking town-- (min, of a base. a pedestal on said base, a uaslepipe mounted in said ha anal tram lug said pedestal ventrally. a piurality or spat-ed apart supply pipes mounted in said haw between said \\':i -tepip:- and thepedrsialwalhsupply valves for said supplypipes -.-ouver;r'.-d upon one another with their rnds :idjarent the })\lli' -l;\l wall. ullll a hau holr in said \vall opposite said valves. The "()iii flmitlmi, in a drinking tours min. of :1 iymse. a li l\t-i,il on said base, a Wa te pipe mounted on said base and iHLVQi'a" lug said peih sii l (:litl'zillf, a plurality of -mrplv-piprs mounted in flii, rise between said fillifi-l ll rfi and the pwh: all, rail supply valves F r sail pipes. the vi ls ol uhii-h wnwrpe outwa iroui a l ipes town: lthr v 'a'ii oi 54,1 iiriiu'llmli'a in mid Wall opposite ud \iiiv't-iit i diligj Four. i-;'-.teni$!n,= out l ii wardly through the opposite wall of said pedestal. i 9. The combination, in a drinking fountain, of a base, a pedestal mounted on said base and having a handhole in its wall on one side and a plurality of pedal-receiving oreseents in the wall on its opposite side, a waste-pipe mounted in said base and traversing said pedestal centrally, a plurality of supply pipes mounted in said base in proximity to one another and between said Wastepipe and the handhole wall of said pedestal, a pliu'ality of supply-valves the ends of which converge toward said handhole, and valve-ope ating pedal levers extending from the opposite. diverging ends of said valves into the creseents of said pedestal. 10. The combination in a drinking. fountain of a pedestal, a waste pipe extending vertieaily within the pedestal, a basin on the pedestal having an outlet communicat' ing with the waste pipe, two bubbler heads within the basin, supply ipes within the pedestal and ronneeted. to me bubbler heads, a valve cor-limiting the flow of water through supp-l pipe, said valves being located wit; is, udestal and closely adjacent eaeh othe at one side of the waste pipe, two di verging levers extending outward through the pedestal and eaieheonneeted with one of said val es, and a removable closure for an opening in the pedestal adjacent said valves and through which access may be had thereto. ii. Th1: aombination in a, drinking fountain oi a pedestal, a waste pipe extending vertically within the pedestal, a basin on the pedestal having an outlet eommunioab ing with the waste pipe, two bubbler heads in the basin. water supply pipes Within the pedestal and connected to the bubbler heads, a ialwg: controlling the flow of water through eat-h supply pipe, s id valves bring within the inner portion of the pedestal and elosely adjarent each other at one side of the waste pipe, two diverging foot levers connected to said valves: and extending ontu'ai d through openings in the pedestal, and a removable r osure for an opening: in the pedestal ihrouph which access int; he had to llOili Vflln'a. In to loony whereof We have hereunto set our hands. PM i I il P MU ELLT AN'lON C. SOHUERMA NN. inf;



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