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Jan. 27, 1925. R. F. ANTES GAME APPARATUS Filed Dec. 6, 1922 l/W/E/VTOR I mgvnfmntes A TTORNEVS Patented Jan. 27, 1925. 1,524,373 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. RUDOLPH F. ANTES, OF NEW YORK, N. Y. GAME APPARATUS. Application filed December 6, 1922. Serial No. 605,255. To all 'w/wm it may concern: tainer. The operation of the chamber and Be it known that I, RUDOLPH F. AN'rns, then its slowing down or stopping is to a citizen of the United States, and a resipermit the balls to be discharged, the windent of the city of New York, borough her of each operation of the rotating re- 5 of Bronx, in the county of Bronx and State ceptacle being the person who is playing of New York, have invented a new and with the first ball to be discharged, the Improved Game Apparatus, of which the number of which may be credited to the following is a full, clear, and exact descripscore of the person playing with that partion. ticular game element. The device is to 10 This invention relates to a game apa great extent automatic in its operation. paratus. An object of the invention is to The receptacle is rotated by any suitable provide a new and improved game apmeans, such as a motor. paratus which is highly entertaining, the More in detail, the invention comprises operation of which possesses a considerable a rotatable receptacle 1, cuplike in shape, 5 degree of uncertainty as to the outcome and having on its outer edge an upturned of the game, and in which the various parts flange portion or wall 2, to prevent the can be very simply and easily manipulated, balls 3, which may be a plurality of pool and an apparatus which is strong and balls suitably colored or marked, from durable. spilling over the edge of the receptacle 20 Another object, in general, is to provide when it is rotated at a fair rate of speed. an apparatus involving a rotating cup or The bottom of the receptacle is provided receptacle in which a plurality of game dewith a discharge passage to which a pipe vices move and from which these devices or tube 41 is connected. The receptacle is are discharged at intervals. The outcome supported on a frame or table 5 and is pro- 25 ot' the game depends upon which one of vided with ball-bearing units 6 on which the game devices is first to leave the roit rests, and the top 4 is provided with a tating receptacle. ball-bearing unit 7 and a ball-bearing unit A further object is to provide a simple 8 throughout its length so that the rotation and eflicient means for clearly indicating of the device is made extremely simple 35 the winning game element or device at the and easy. The table is operated by means end of each operation of the receptacle. cl a motor 9 and belt 10 passing around The invention is illustrated in the drawthe lower wall 11 oi. the table. The bottom iugs, of which of the discharge tube t lies adjacent an in- Figure 1 is a plan view of the device clined chute 12. That portion of the chute 35 with a portion cut away. lying beneath the end of the discharge Figure 2 is a vertical section taken tube 4: is provided with a flexible or resithrough the apparatus. lient cushion or pad 13 to cushion the im- In general, the device involves the rotapact of the balls 3 on the chute. The chute tion of a plurality of balls, such as pool at this lower end is provided with an under 4 balls, suitably numbered or colored, withportion 1 1v tiltably pivoted at 15 and havin a cuplike receptacle or chamber so that ing an end wall 16. As the balls move during the rotation of the receptacle the down the chute 12, the first ball will enballs are distributed by centrifugal force gage the end wall and its weight will tilt along the peripheral edge of the chamber, the end portion around the pivot point 15, and which, when the chamber is stopped whereupon the remaining balls coming or slowed down will move to the bottom down the chute will drop into the discharge or center of the receptacle which is pro- 17 leading to a container 18. vided with a discharge opening. A dis- In playing the game, the receptacle 1 charge passage is connected with said openis rotated by closing any suitable switch 50 ing and leads to a chute down which the to the motor 9, and as soon as itstarts balls travel as they leave the receptacle. to rotate the pool balls 8 will be centrif- The end of the chute is provided with a ugally forced to assume a position near pivoted or tiltable portion adapted to trap the outer peripheral edge of the receptacle the first ball and then tilt and hold the and be prevented from spilling over the first ball and permit the other balls or edge by reason of the vertical flange or game elements to pass oil' to a suitable con- Wall'2. As soon as the balls have this position, a plug or stopper 19 is lifted fronrthe'discharge opening in the bottom of th e'receptacle. This stopper is normally in place, as shown in Fig. 2, to prevent theballs 3 from dropping out of the discharge tube 4. At the end of any suitable period oftime, the motor is stopped and the re? ceptacle slows down. As it slows down, the balls approach nearer to the bottom and center. When the receptacle stops, the balls'will pass out through the discharge tube 4' and" Will'inove down the inclined chute 12; the-first'one resting in the end of the tiltable'portion- 14 will tip it, thus indicating the Winner of that operation of the rotatable receptacle, the other balls passing down into the containerlS. This operation may be repeated'by any number of players and as often as desired. hat Iclaim is:- In a game apparatus, an inclined chute to receive a plurality of balls, a tiltable end portion for said chute to receive the first ball'and to be tiltable thereby, and a second chute disposed adjacent the end of the remaining portion of the chute to receive the remaining balls after the tiltable portion has been operated. RUDOLPH F. ANTES.



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