Holder for thread cops or balls



2 Oct' 7 19 4 J. M. POWERS HOLDER FOR THREAD COPS OR BALLS Filed April l, 1924 INI/EN TOR Jze M Powers. ATTORNEYS Patented Get. 7, 1924, Unirse sTTEs PATENT-1r' JANE MAs'rEN POWERS, or WASHINGTON, DIsTRIcTOroOLUMBIA. lHOLDER-ron THREAD cors oak-nantis.;` i" My present invention relates generally to` holders for thread cops or balls from which it is essential that the thread may feed easily for crocheting andv the like, my primary object being the provision of a simple inexpensive device capable of mounting in various different positions and in connection with different articles adapted to its suplport,'whereby a thread cop or ball may be held and prevented from rolling around, for the efective feed of thread used for instance in knitting and crocheting and another object is the provision of a device of this character which is adapted especially to the cylindrical cops o-f-crocheting thread wherein the thread is wound around an axial cylinder. a According to my invention I provide a holder which includes a U-shaped spring wire member, the free ends of which may be extended through the axial tube or cylinder of a cylindrical thread copi together with means with-which the spring wire clamp is associated at one end for supporting the clamp and consequently the cop held therel by in a freely outstanding position whose inclination may be easilycontrolled and whose position permits the thread to feed easily from the free end of the cop. In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my p-resent invention and forms a part o-f this specification, Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating the practical application of my invention, Figure 2 is a sectional view therethrough illustrating its application to a slightly different form of support, and Figure 3 is a perspective View illustrating a slightly modified form adapted to still another character of support. Referring now to these figures my invention proposes in the rst instance a U-shaped clamp-ing member 10 which is Preferably formed of spring wire with a coil 11 at one end so as to lend additional resiliency and clamping strength to its elongated extensions vmember 1() as shown. y linvention shown 1n Figures 1 and 2 wherein 35 Application med April 1, 1924. sriirNo. 703,431. seen at12 and which are adapted toext-end t through the axial cylinder or tube 13 of a thread .co-p l14C `of the cylindrical form-so commonly used for crocheting thread. The free ends ofthe extensions`12 of this clampeo ing member are preferablyl turned outwardly away from one another as indicated at 15 ust sufficient to engage the free end of the axial cylinder or'tube 13 and avoid all dangerof pulling the thread cop off of 6 5 the clamp 10. y y y Mv improved holder also includes a body portionor fulcrum block 16 acrosswhichthe clamping member 10'is extended adj acent to its coiled end 11, `top ,rether with means en- 740 gagingtheisaid coiled end of the clamping member whereby the clamping member is held in a substantially horizontal outstanding position in `such manner thatit's copreceiving portion extends` wholly beyond one X7,5 side of thevbody'member or'fulcr-um block l'and its inclination may be varied. For lthe above purpose a hoo-k member 17 may be utilized as in Figures 1 and 2, the fulcrum block 16, being formed of a ma- 8o terial permitting the hoolrmember 17 to be screwed into` one side face thereof so as to engage the coiled end 11 of the clamping the hookvmember 17 is utilized forthe fore- .going purpose, I preferably employ a U- shaped clamp 18 securely fastened4 by a screw and the like 19 at one end to the lower surface of the body member or fulcrum block 16 and having an adjustable. thumb screw 20 threaded through its opposite end so that the holder may thus be clamped in vconnection with either the arm 21 of a chair 22 as in Figure 1 or the edge of a table 23 95 as in Figure 2, the bracket being either turned toward the free ends of the clamp 10-as in Figure 1 or away from the free ends of the clamp as in Figure 2. According to Figure 3 or fulcrum block 16 may be anchored by the same means utilized to hold the clamp-` ing member 10 in the desired outstanding position such means being in the form for instance of a pin fastener 24 extending at 105 one end through the coiled end of the clamping member 10 and engaged at its op# posite end with the seat pad for instance as indicated at 25 of a chair or other article of furniture or the mattress of a bed, upon the In the Aform of the the body member 10o surface of which the body member or fulcrum plug- 16 rests adjacent-to the connected point of the pin fastener. It is obvious that while I have shown the body member or ful'crumv block 16' of' plain rectangular form and the clamping member l0 likewise unembellished, both of thesev major portions of my improved holder may be suitably ornamented or otherwise formed to present an attractive pleasing appearance and decorated for instance to Vaccord with the articles of furniture or other supports to which the holder is attached in use, Itis also obvious that instead o f simply extendingY the clamping member l0 loosely around the top of the body member` or ful'- crum block 1 6' asin Figures l and 2, I may mount the extensions l2 ofthe clamping member through screw eyes 26 and` the like spaced' apart at the top of the body member o r flllcrum block, which will thus prevent any sidel sway of the cop or thread ball 14C held on the clamping member. I claim: j l. A holder for thread cops andv balls having` axial tubes therethrough, including a U-shaped clamping member having a coil. at'one end, adapted to extend through the axial tube and having` the opposite ends thereof outturned to engage the adjacent end of the tube,l a body member or fulcrum Iblock across which the clamping member extends adjacent to its coiled end, and means engaging the coiled end of the clamping member to hold theA latter in freely outstanding position. 2. A. holder for thread cops or balls having7 axial tubes therethrough, consisting of a clamping member extending` through the said tube Vand projectingjr therebeyond, a body member or fulcrum block across which the proj ecting endv of the clampingv member is held.` whereby to support the thread cop or ball in horizontally outstanding position at yone sidel of the body member, and means to hold the body member or fulcrum block in upright position upon a suitable support. 3. A. holder of the character de cribed in cludinga body member or `fulcrum block, a clamping member extending across the upper portion of the' said body member and having extensions spaced from one another and projecting beyond one side of the said body member, and means. en; ,agingthe opposite end of the clamping member at the opposite side of the body member to hold the latter in upright position and also hold the clamping member inr substantially horizontal outstanding` position with respect to the body member. L A holder of the character described inclu-ding a U-shaped clamping member having a coil at one end andy having elongated extensions` curved away from one another at their free ends, a body member or fulcrum block across which the said clamping member extends adjacent to its coiled end and a1 pin fastener at one side of the body member or fulcrum block, engaging,` the coiled end of the clamping member as de scribed, v A holder of the character described including' a Ushaped clamping member havingI a coil at one'end and having' elongated extensions curved away from one another at their free ends, a body member or ful- Crum block across which the said clampinrq member extends adjacent toits coiled end. and a pin fastener at one side of the body member or fulcrum lock, engaging` the coiled end of the clamping` member, said body member having upstanding guide members receiving the extensions of the clamping` member as described. JANE, MASTEN PQW'EIl-S.



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