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  • Publication Date: September 02, 1924
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Sept. 2 1924. 1,507,091 F. J. RUNSER PLUG Original Filed July 29, 1922 Patented Sept. 2, 1924. UNITED eras PBEDRIGK J. RUNSER, OF CLEVELAND, OHIO, ASSIGNOR TO THE BYRNE MANUFAC- TURINGOOMPANY, OF CLEVELAND, OHIO, 'A' CORPORATION OF OHIO. 4 Pans. Original application filed July 29, 1222, Serial lt'o. 578,894. Divided and this application filed May 9,. ' 1923. Serial No. 687,624. ' shoulder 8 To all whom it may aoncem: Be it known that I, Fnnomox J. RUNSER', a citizen of the United States, residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, and useful Improvements in Plugs, of which the following is a s cification. This invention re ates to a plug for openings in containers, for examp e: arrels and the like, for sealing the same. One object of the invention is to provide an improved seat spaced from the plug head, so that the plug may be secured into position and agalnst the gasket without injury to it or affecting its sealing action. Other objects of the invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which my invention relates from the following de scription taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, whereas: Fig. 1 is a fragmentary sectional view of a barrel showing 9. pl embodying my invention positioned in t e barrel opening to seal it. Fig. 2 is an elevation of the plu Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sect1 n5 view of the plug. - F 1g. 4 is a top plan view. Fig. 5 is a bottom plan view. In the drawings, 1 indicates the body portion of the plug having a shank 2 and a flanged portion plug, the side wall of the head having a plu- 85 ralit of flattened faces 4, forming angles 4' whic project beyond a gasket seat 5 to be later referred to, and to adapt the head to a suitable tool to permit the application of the plug to an openlng 6 in a wall, for example, the wall of a container indicated at 7 in the drawings, or a suitable rin 7 secured therein. The shank 2 of the p ug is preferably provided with screw threads which eng screw threads on the wall of the opening 6; altho other forms of securing means may be utilized. 8 indicates an annularshoulder extending around the base of the shank 2 to form the gasket seat 5 spaced from the inner wall of the flange or head 3, which seat engages a gasket '9 to com ress it against a seat 10 vided around 0 container opening 6. have invented certaln newplug shaped to form a gasket plication 3 forming the head of the" rovides (1) sufiicient metal so that in machining the 1p ug, it may be put into a lathe and rapid cut by a suitable cutting tool'without un ue strain or danger varying amounts ofof the tool engaging metal constitutmg the angles 4' and cause chattering and resulting damage; and (2) a gasket seat spaced from the inner faces formed b the'angles 4', so that in the event the perip cry of the gasket bends or flexes laterally due to the t1ghtening of the plug in its opening 6, such laterally bent or flexed portions will not engage the angles 4 and permit the latter to rotate the prevent its properly sealing'the opening. This application is a division of m aperial No. 578,394, filed Ju y 29, 1922. To those skilled in the art to which my invention relates, many widely diflt'ering embodiments and applications of the invention will suggest themselves without defiarting from the spirit and scope thereof. closures herein are purely illustrative and are not intended to be in any sense limiting. What I claim is: 1. A plug for an opening in a container comprislng a screw-threaded shank and an integral polygonal head havin a gasket seat around said shank, the face 0 said seat being spaced from the under face of said head and the side faces of said head being substantially tangential to the circumference of said seat. 2. A plug for an opemng m a container comprising a shank having securing means for engagement with co-acting securing means in the wall of the container opening,. having angularly arranged sides. an annular shoulderextendin a head forthe shank around the shank upon the underface 0 said head andforniing a' gasket seat spaced therefrom to prevent en agement ofthe angles of the head with the gasket while the plug being rotated or tightened into position in the container opening, the side faces of "said head being substantially tangential to. the circumference of said shoulder. asket 9 with I the plugand thereby damage t e gasket and y dis- In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name. FREDRICK -J. RUNSER.



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