Packaged beverage



PURPOSE: Provided is a packaged beverage having a high concentration of catechins to provide a healthy drink capable of maximizing the transfer amount of catechins to the blood upon drinking, thereby heightening the utilization degree of them in the body. CONSTITUTION: A packaged beverage is characterized by comprising (A) non-polymer catechins from 0.092 to 0.5 g/100 mL beverage, and (B) an alcoholic precipitate 0.015 g/100 mL beverage or less in terms of the amount of magnesium, at a weight ratio (A)/(B) ranging from 30/1 to 50000/1.
본 발명의 용기음료는 다음의 성분(A) 및 (B): (A) 비중합체카테킨류; 0.092∼0.5g/100mL 음료, (B) 알코올침전성물질; 마그네슘량 환산으로 0.015g/100mL 음료이하를 용해상태로 함유하고, 성분(A)와 (B)의 함유중량비 (A)/(B)가 30/1∼50000/1인 용기음료를 제공한다. 본 발명의 용기음료는 음용하였을때 혈액중으로의 카테킨이행량이 높고, 흡수성이 뛰어나 건강증진에 적합한 음료이다.




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