Anti-atopic Health Assistance Tea

항 아토피성 건강보조차

  • Inventors: CHOI, YANG WON
  • Assignees: 최양원
  • Publication Date: April 03, 2003
  • Publication Number: KR-20030026942-A


PURPOSE: Provided is a paste phase of anti-atopic tea product which is manufactured by using medicinal herbs and has prevention and treatment effects on atopic dermatitis and skin disease. CONSTITUTION: The anti-atopic tea product is manufactured by the steps of: mixing Poncirus trifoliata, Paeonia lactiflora var, Bupleurum falcatum and cinnamon; adding to the mixture 10-15 wt.% of licorice root referred to the each composition above; boiling the mixture in water at 80-100 deg.C for 2-3 hours and filtering it; concentrating the filtrate into a paste phase to give a first concentrate; mixing mulberry leaves and peppermints, boiling them in water at 80-100 deg.C for 40-70 minutes and filtering; concentrating the filtrate into a paste phase to give a second concentrate; mixing the firat and second concentrates in the same amount; adding D-sorbitol to the mixture in an amount of 20-25 wt.%, and milling and stirring them.
식물성 한약제인 지실, 작약, 시호, 계피 및 감초의 혼합물을 열탕에서 가열 및 여과하여 얻은 여과액을 농축한 제1액과 상엽과 박하를 열탕에서 가열 및 여과하여 얻은 여과액을 농축한 제2액을 혼합한 것에 접착제겸 감미제인 D-솔비톨을 첨가하여 혼련 교반하여 페이스트상의 항 아토피성 건강보조차를 얻는다. 이와같은 항 아토피성 건강보조차는 아토피성 피부질환을 비롯한 각종 피부질환 환자가 음료로서 장복하게되면 아토피성 피부질환을 예방함은 물론 치료효과도 있는 것이다.




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