Method of forming contacts of semiconductor memory device

반도체 메모리장치의 콘택 형성방법


PURPOSE: A method for forming a contact in a semiconductor memory device is provided to improve cell efficiency and to minimize a contact size in a peripheral region by improving the step-coverage between a cell region and the peripheral region without CMP. CONSTITUTION: A storage node contact hole for exposing a desired portion of a cell region and the first contact hole for exposing a desired portion of a peripheral region are simultaneously formed by sequentially forming and patterning the first nitride layer(2) and an etch stopper. A storage node contact and the first contact layer(3) are formed by filling a conductive layer into the storage node contact hole and the first contact hole. By forming and selectively etching the second insulating layer on the resultant structure, the second contact hole is formed. A storage node(7) and the second contact layer(6) are simultaneously formed in the cell and peripheral region, respectively. An upper electrode(8) is formed on the storage node(7). After forming the third insulating layer(9) on the resultant structure, contact holes are formed to expose the upper electrode(8) and the second contact layer(6) by selectively etching the third insulating layer(9).
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