Apparatus and method for spectrum analysis-based serial data jitter measurement

스펙트럼 분석에 기초한 일련의 데이터 지터 측정 장치 및방법


스펙트럼 분석에 기초한 지터 분리 장치 및 방법은 그 스펙트럼 특성을 이용하여 확정 지터 및 랜덤 지터를 분리시킨다. 확정 지터는 주기적이며 임펄스 스펙트럼을 나타내는 반면, 랜덤 지터는 광대역의 편평한 스펙트럼을 나타낸다. 신호의 시간 영역 히스토그램 및 주파수 영역 히스토그램을 검사하여 지터 성분을 얻는다.
PURPOSE: An apparatus and a method for spectrum analysis-based serial data jitter measurement are provided which separate deterministic jitter from random jitter using spectrum characteristics. CONSTITUTION: According to the method for decomposing Total Jitter of a data signal into its component parts of Deterministic Jitter and Random Jitter for measurement of the above Deterministic Jitter and Random Jitter, Total Jitter is measured(120). And Spectral Separation of Deterministic Jitter and Random Jitter is performed(130), and further spectral separation of Deterministic Jitter into Periodic Jitter and its components Duty Cycle Jitter and ISI is performed. An inverse FFT on spectrum impulses of the Deterministic Jitter and its components is performed to obtain a histogram of the Deterministic jitter and histograms of its components. Further separation of Duty Cycle and ISI components using separate histograms or statistics for positive and negative edges is performed. Peak-Peak statistics on all Deterministic Jitter components is measured, and true Random Jitter distribution is estimated using Random Jitter spectral power. A histogram of convolution is formed by convolving the estimated Random Jitter distribution with a Histogram of Deterministic Jitter-only data. And a bathtub error curve to estimate bit error rate(165) is generated using the above histogram of the convolution(155).




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