Precast concrete floor slab, and composite floor panel using the same



【課題】 鋼製の主桁上にプレキャストコンクリート製床版を連続して敷設し、主桁に一体化させて合成床版を構成する上で、隣接する床版間の接合部に、繰り返し荷重に対する高い疲労強度を保有させる。 【解決手段】 幅方向両側に位置し、長さ方向に連続する縦梁2,2と、主桁20上の、両縦梁2,2間に位置し、幅方向に連続する横梁3,3と、両縦梁2,2間に跨って横梁3,3上に位置し、幅方向両側の側面間距離が並列する縦梁2,2の外側の側面間距離より短い床板4の各部位から床版1を構成し、床板4の幅方向の側面や縦梁2の上面から定着材7を突出させ、縦梁2の側面において幅方向に隣接する床版1の縦梁2と互いに突き合わせながら主桁20上に敷設し、隣接する床版1,1の床板4,4の側面間に充填材9を充填し、定着材7を充填材9中に埋設して両床版1,1を互いに接合する。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide precast concrete floor slabs which are continuously laid on steel main girders and united to the same in one body to constitute a composite floor panel wherein the precast concrete floor slabs have high fatigue strength against repeated loads at a joint between the floor slabs adjacent to each other. SOLUTION: Each floor slab 1 is formed of longitudinal beams 2, 2 located on both lateral sides thereof and extending in a longitudinal direction, transverse beams 3, 3 located between the longitudinal beams 2, 2 on the main girders 20 and extending in a lateral direction, and a floor plate 4 arranged astride the longitudinal beams 2, 2 and located on the transverse beams 3, 3, such that a distance between side surfaces on both the lateral sides is shorter than a distance between side surfaces outside the longitudinal beams 2, 2. Then anchoring members 7 are protruded from the lateral side surfaces of the floor plate 4 and from the upper surface of each longitudinal beam 2. Further each floor slab 1 is laid on the main girders 20 while abutting on the longitudinal beam 2 of the floor slab 1 laterally adjacent thereto via the side surface thereof, and a filler 9 is filled in a gap between side surfaces of the floor plates 4, 4 of the floor slabs 1, 1 adjacent to each other, and the anchoring members 7 is embedded in the filler 9, to thereby connect the floor slabs 1, 1 to each other. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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